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    We recruit Sales people.

    Where industry expertise meets a highly personalised and client-centric approach to business, Blended Employment is your number one sales and marketing recruitment agency. From entry-level roles to c-suite positions, we offer sales, marketing and tech recruitment for all levels across Commercial & Industrial, Technology & Digital, Property & Real Estate.

    “Connect great businesses with great people because without people a business is nothing.”

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    Defining Roles For The Right Person

    Clearly defining a position or role and its expectations is crucial to attracting the right candidates. As part of our recruitment service in Australia, we will work alongside your team to assist in creating an accurate and compelling job description. This initial step sets us apart from other Brisbane job agencies and is aimed at clearly outlining the job requirements, expectations and level of experience. It is the base to which all other recruitment process steps rely on.

    Find The Perfect Team Member

    They say it’s not what you know, but who you know, but we believe it’s an equal balance of both. By utilising our generous pool of industry networks coupled with our expertise in advertising, we follow a rigorous process for sourcing out only top-tier candidates that align with your job description and company culture. That’s what puts our recruitment strategy above other Brisbane agencies’.

    At Blended Employment, our recruiters are dedicated to bringing people together. As a company built on integrity, excellence and transparency, we’re committed to finding the right solution to your greatest employment demands and requirements. Our recruiters make your hiring process easier. We are a company that is established enough to offer an extensive network of industry connections, yet small enough to offer your business the attention and personalised service it deserves.

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    Banking & Financial Services

    Consulting & Strategy

    CEO & General Management

    Design & Architecture

    While our company may be small in size, our reach is international. Blended Employment offers expert recruitment right across Australia and New Zealand, to identify and retain the most challenging and fulfilling roles in sales and marketing. Where your recruitment needs are concerned, international borders are no barrier for our truly dedicated recruitment specialists in Australia.

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    person who understands people, today.

    For more information on our services or to get started on securing the right candidate to fulfil your greatest business requirements, be sure to contact the industry experts at Blended Employment on 07 3667 8895 or

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