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    Lack of experience does NOT equal lack of talent

    Lack of experience does NOT equal lack of talent

    Breaking into an industry that doesn’t want to be broken

    The process of landing your dream career follows a simple formula; start at the bottom, hustle hard, work your way up, then reach the top. Follow these steps and you’ll be sitting pretty in the job title you’ve always wanted in no time. Whether the goal is as ambitious as CEO, or as simple as an assistant, you can secure your future by beginning with a foot in the door. From there, the only way is up, right?

    So, how do we get that foot in to begin with? We know we can reach the final goal through stacks of experience (employers love a lengthy track record), and we know landing one job will most likely lead us to the next, but there seems to be no written formula for gaining that experience in the first place. To the youthful, unemployed candidate scouring the city for a way in, it feels like a trap looming in the distance.

    The constant battle… trying to get into an industry that demands you’ve already worked in that industry.

    This is what we call the gap. The gap between determined young candidates trying to forge their way into an industry, and employers who have an old-school mindset, looking for someone who must be versed in the position. They don’t want just any applicant who claims they’ve got what it takes – even if they really do have what it takes! They want someone who’s done this before, who’s done the hard yards (the hustle) for years. Employers want to look at your resume and see a never-ending list of similar roles in the ‘previous experience’ section; same job, different place.

    This gap can be fixed from both ends and will leave you with a more diverse workforce filled with all-rounders and team players.

    Employers… open your parameters, it’s time to branch out! Forget the employment history, what good does previous experience do if they don’t have the exact skillset you need? There could be a candidate out there who’s the perfect addition to your team, but they’re not even being considered because they’re new to the industry. After all, the aim of the game isn’t just to get the job done, but to get the job done right… and to find that sweet spot in the infinite pool of worthy applicants, you have to be prepared to give anyone with the technical qualifications a go.

    As for the determined candidates… don’t just sell an empty resume. Sell yourself! If you know you can provide what your dream company needs, knock on their door and prove it. Shift the focus to the ‘skills’ section of your resume and tell the employer how you will fill the role perfectly – be sure to give examples! It may seem terrifying to walk into an office with nothing in your pockets, but sometimes there’s only one way in (you might just have to wedge your foot in a bit harder than expected).

    We’ve created a new formula for the recruitment process, ditching the outdated ideal that an overload of experience automatically equals the top positions. It’s time to look for the full package; a perfectly proportioned skillset accompanied by drive and potential. Trust what an employee can offer your business now, rather than what they may or may not have accomplished in the past. A strong will to learn and adapt should always outdo a strong resume.

    The industry is constantly growing and changing, and your employees should be too. Don’t be deterred from applying for a job or hiring a new candidate based on experience levels. The door is constantly opening and closing – make sure you get your foot in, and don’t move it until you’re sure the door will stay open just enough for you to squeeze in.