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    How to enhance employability through your LinkedIn profile.

    Job applications involve resumes… scratch that – job applications require resumes. There isn’t a single employer or recruiter who would consider a potential candidate without a resume in hand. Experience or no experience, you need to have that piece of paper detailing your education, qualifications and references. But, that’s exactly the problem; the age-old ideal that resumes should be restricted to two perfectly organised A4 pages. There’s just enough room for the basic information about who you are and what you do, yet there are so many more elements to a candidate that enhances what they can bring to the team.

    This is where we turn to LinkedIn. With 260 million active users, it’s the perfect platform to blend networking and personal branding with an online portfolio. In a Google search containing your name, LinkedIn will almost always appear at the top, providing employers with a gateway into your business life. As intimidating as that sounds, it’s not something to shy away from. Harness the reach LinkedIn has and use it as a follow-up to the resume handover. It’s the best form of free marketing that you get to have control over.


    Begin with a high-quality professional photograph, compelling summary and detailed work experience history – all proven to lead to more activity on your page. Don’t forget to add small touches like location, education and accomplishments and your profile will soon mimic that of the old-school resume you have in your hand. This simple information may already be on there, but it doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely necessary as the baseline of your online profile.


    Take your profile to the next level. Don’t just state your employment history, give examples too. Upload articles or presentations of your best work and begin your professional story. They would never fit in the confines of a traditional resume, but act as a strong selling point for your capabilities.


    This is the tricky part – striking the balance between your personal and professional life to hone in on your brand image exactly. LinkedIn sits directly in the middle of a generic social media platform and a corporate website. It’s therefore important to post content that is a mix between work life and personal life.

    However, there is a catch. It’s very easy to slip into the “social media” frame of mind. There needs to be a difference between an Instagram post and a LinkedIn post. Keep it business-friendly. Keep it professional. And most importantly, keep it to your brand. It’s worth taking some time to refine how you want to be seen by your pool of connections and following through on this every single time.

    Our team portrays themselves as young, enthusiastic go-getters. Each one of us is a “People’s Person”. With this in the back of our minds, we post videos, photos and status updates with a twist.

    Our content is targeted at inspiring and guiding young professionals on both sides of the recruitment industry, but in a way that grasps their attention. Whether it’s dressing up in Safari outfits, acting out funny scenarios, or bringing in our families for help, our videos are filled with energy and positivity. We put a humorous spin on our posts without crossing into unprofessional territory.

    Posting relevant content each day keeps your brand in the eyes of the online community. It’s the digital age. A simple two-page printed resume just isn’t enough. Every professional has a personal brand and LinkedIn is the gateway to getting your name out there. Take a leaf out of any of the Blended Employment team’s Linked In pages and get posting!