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    The benefits of sticking around in the sales and marketing industry.


    Today I asked Declan, “so, what’s the long-term plan?”

    As a millennial, I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I should expect to change careers multiple times in my work life. No job will last. The workplace isn’t the same anymore and career longevity was something that existed only in our parents’ lifetime.

    With this in mind, I expected Declan to tell me how Blended was his short-term plan before moving onto the next start-up – he does have quite an entrepreneurial brain after all. But his response was entirely different. Blended IS the long-term plan.

    In the sales and marketing industry, this mind frame is somewhat unheard of. Actively chasing a sale is exhausting and seldom rewarding. It’s not uncommon for professionals to jump ship at the one-year mark when the ‘new job excitement’ has faded.

    It’s around the time the career rut kicks in; Boredom hits (possibly due to our shortened attention spans) and we think we’ve learnt all we can from this position. There’s no sign of a pay rise or movement to a senior position in the horizon. We get restless.

    Suddenly, along comes a job offer for the same position at a different company with a slightly increased salary, and off we go. The excitement is too much to pass up when morale is so low. But what have we missed out on by leaving a company we were beginning to build a career in?

    Job-hopping may have led us to more money in the moment, but we’ve most likely damaged our reputation in the process and left a trail of missed opportunities behind us.

     A resumé that reads ten jobs in ten years is not ideal. Sure, you may be learning something new in each position, but the only way to really learn how a business progresses to success is by being there through the inevitable tough times. Leaving when times are difficult creates a false sense of security – we believe successful companies should only see upwards growth.

    As for lost opportunities – how are we ever meant to properly progress upwards in the industry? Many sales professionals think there’s a way to cheat the system; a side-door into the top of the industry. The reality is, there’s only one way into the sales and marketing industry, and that’s the front door. Trust us – if there was a secret way to the top, we would’ve already found it! But for a role that relies on building strong relationships with clients, it makes sense that plenty of time needs to be devoted to carefully curating those relationships (we’re talking years here).

    We’re in an industry that requires grit and resilience, but it’s also not as gruelling as it sounds. All it takes is passion and drive, and the mindset that longevity equals success. If you’re thinking of hopping to the next job sometime soon, rather than taking the first opportunity that comes along, spend time choosing a company that aligns with your goals. If you enjoy what you’re doing you’re much more likely to stick around.

    Once you’re in there, be sure to stay progressive. Not a day goes by where our team has nothing to do. We are constantly taking steps forward and thinking of the next big thing we can do for our company. If you’re always busy there will be no room for boredom, and if you can’t think of anything to do, then begin by asking questions. No boss is ever going to tell you to stop thinking ahead (well, our boss certainly doesn’t).

    We want to stop the job-hopping cycle in our industry. We want people to feel as excited about their work as we do. If you ever need help finding that perfect lifelong position, consider giving us a call. We’ll be around for a very long time… according to Declan.