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    How a cappuccino could be stagnating your productivity.

    We hate to break it to you, but coffee is kind of a waste of time.

    Sorry! Please don’t hate us!

    It’s not about the coffee itself, but rather how we spend the time throughout.

    Usually, a coffee meeting is treated as the beginning of a professional relationship. It’s where we meet, learn about each other’s career history as well as future goals, and then propose the idea of working together. After dedicating hours out of our week to making these connections, it would make sense that our business is booming. It just feels so productive!

    But how much are we actually getting done during these meetings?

    The coffee catch-up can be super influential in building your network or getting your foot in the door. But in some cases, a catch-up is all it is. Sometimes, we get no real results from our time spent together.

    We’ve had fantastic meetings, where we facilitate an engaging conversation and talk about all the great things we’re going to do for our businesses. However, once the meeting is over, these great things never actually happen.

    We have a few easy tips to making sure our meetings transfer to real productivity and results.

    Use the time wisely.

    Don’t waste half the meeting requesting information that could’ve easily been found online beforehand. LinkedIn and company websites tell us all we need to know about each other’s career history, industry and current position. This way, you’ll have a solid understanding of who the other person is and can focus more on your future together rather than your separate pasts.

    Come with a plan.

    It’s pretty common to receive a LinkedIn message requesting a “coffee and a chat”. It’s great to extend interest like this, but it’s even better to specify what exactly you’d like to chat about. Lay out what your interest in the meeting is and what you’d like to accomplish. It’s way more likely that you’ll achieve this goal if you do so.

    The coffee catch-up is the latest trend in the business world. Cafes are filled to the brim with professionals hoping one day the things they talk about in their meetings will actually happen. How about we start making those things happen?

    Save yourself the trip (and the $10) by not jumping on the hope-bus. Stop sipping, wishing, waiting, and thinking. We still want to make awesome connections and keep in touch with associates… we just want to make sure it’s always a win-win situation.