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    What does ‘Bulls of Business’ even mean?

    What does ‘Bulls of Business’ even mean?

    Old-school techniques are not irrelevant.

    You may have heard… in 2020 Blended Employment’s very own, Declan Kluver, will be releasing the ‘Bulls of Business’ podcast alongside mentor and long-time friend, Steve Scrogings. There’s been talk of this project for a while now… but no one really knows what it’s all about.

    We’re here to tell you.

    Bulls of Business – podcast series coming to your ears in 2020…

    The business game has changed immensely over the last few decades. Old methods have been forgotten by most. Remember the days where it was all about door knocking, cold calling and real-life connections? They were the good days! But things aren’t quite the same anymore.

    Now, technology is the biggest tool in a business. Everyone knows everyone (or at least they think they do…) and the flow of business is much more rapid. Trends, companies and individuals go viral overnight, then are forgotten just as quickly. Emphasis on quality isn’t as great as it used to be.

    But have these old methods been forgotten entirely? Is there nothing we can take from our predecessors into the business world of today? What if we took a new approach? Maybe a blend of both traditional and new methods…

    That’s where our bulls come in.

    Old bull vs young bull

    On one side, we’ve got Declan. At just 26 (almost 27!!!), Declan’s already killing the game as an entrepreneur, and has a totally unique approach to business. It’s all about building a strong brand image, based on the 100 cows method, and never giving up. At the beginning of what will be a prosperous career, Declan brings high-energy and motivation to the team of bulls.

    On the other side, there’s Steve. He’s not one to boast about it, but Steve has had a long and successful career as a businessman (pre-retirement 😂). Since wrapping up a couple of multi-million dollar businesses about eight years ago, Steve has continued to mentor youngsters, like Declan, as they build their businesses. He’s the go-to for any of our queries and concerns, or just for a wise perspective on something we’re not sure about. Oh and, he comes out with some pretty crazy advice from time to time.

    Here’s some of Steve’s most memorable quotes (and what you’ll be in store for when B.O.B is released):

    “A turtle only moves forward when it sticks its neck out.”

    “I never asked anyone about my dream – I went inside myself and found it.”

    “One thing is to be successful, another is to enjoy it, and not many can accomplish the second one.”

    He’s the business world’s very own Honey Badger! One-liners left right and centre.

    A mix of both

    Put both these characters together and you get a whole mix of advice. One thing in common though is their passion for helping others, and that’s what this podcast is all about. The business advice that comes from real-life experience and a mix of views. It’s the discussions we can all learn from!

    With one bull in the game right now, experiencing the flows of everyday business, and another bull reflecting on the best and worst of his career, they’re sure to come up with some pretty good theories – and a few laughs.

    This podcast isn’t a sales pitch. It’s not a ‘life-coach’, or a business course. It’s just two very real people (and some noteworthy guests, yet T.B.A) chatting about their own experiences. Both Steve and Declan have learnt about business with their own money on the line. They felt every mistake and every missed opportunity – it hurts more when it comes out of your own bank account. So now they look at life, and business, in a totally different way.

    And that’s all we can tell you for now… for more info on the new age of business, and some of Steve’s iconic quotes… you’ll have to tune in next year!

    The boys are all about providing young people with greater opportunities. So, how can they help you?

    If you have a topic you’d like them to cover (or just want to have a chat), get in touch now.