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    The Benefits of Recruiting Millennials

    The Benefits of Recruiting Millennials

    And how to snag them for your company.

    Millennials. It’s a term we hear all the time… “Oh, those millennials!”

    They’re usually referred to as the kids of society, and maybe seen as a group who doesn’t take life too seriously. But the reality is, those ‘kids’ are now a standard part of the workplace. They’re not teenagers anymore.

    The word millennial refers to those born between the early 1980’s and mid 1990’s, so pretty much anyone in their 20’s and 30’s now.

    They are beginning to dominate the workforce, yet they are still doubted by many… or maybe ‘misunderstood’ is the better word. It’s true, having represented the change of millennium in 2000, they have a very different approach to work, life, and anything in-between.

    We know not everyone is a fan of change, but millennials can mean a good shift in workplace routine. They can bring so much to the team; you just have to be willing to make tiny adjustments! Here’s the benefits of hiring a millennial worker and a few tips on how to meet their needs in the middle.

    1. Technology is their best friend

    Lets just get the most obvious and stereotypical one out of the way. Yes, millennials are the beginning of the technological generation. Smartphones, tablets, and touch screen monitors are all part of their everyday lives. Even the smallest activities, like waking up in the morning, are integrated with technology.

    Implementing new technology into the workplace doesn’t have to be so scary with a millennial around. They can bridge that gap between new systems and the skills needed to use them, boosting productivity for the whole team. They provide access to modernised approaches to work.

    Millennials don’t want to take a step back when they enter the workplace, they want to use the skills they’ve acquired in the technical world and continue to improve them. Take a minute to consider how technological advancements can help your workplace and maybe implement a few paperless strategies or new software developments to attract the best to your workplace.

    1. Creation and innovation

    In their lifetime, the millennial has grown accustomed to the world around them changing. Everyday there are new updates and systems in place. They have never had a chance to get set in their ways! While this has created erratic behaviour in certain circumstances (we’re not exactly the best at sitting still), it’s also led to greater adaptability.

    Innovation has become a part of our everyday work. We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and create new pathways for ourselves. Changes in systems will never scare us away, we’ll just quickly figure out what to do next!

    To attract the most productive in this generation, highlight the opportunities for a worker to use their initiative and get creative, it could open-up a whole new range of possibilities for your company.

    1. That work/life balance we’re all dreaming of

    It’s no secret – millennials love a bit of time to themselves. Unlike the generations before them, they actually want more time off work. They idolise the balance of working harder for shorter periods of time to give themselves more time off. It’s all because of that ‘4-hour work week’ method that entrepreneur Timothy Ferriss managed to crack. Now we’re all trying to cut down our hours!

    But this doesn’t mean millennials are lazy. Quite the opposite, actually… they can complete tasks in very short time spans. To tap into this demographic and smash out more work for less cost, offer more flexible hours to suit them. If they are provided with the opportunity to have a crack at the work-life balance, they’ll work even harder to make it successful.

    1. Team players

    The millennial wave brought a new age of increased involvement in the workplace. The age group don’t want to remain distant from their team, they want to get to know them even better and work in a place where they feel comfortable. For you, this means more teamwork and better office culture, so win-win really!

    To successfully implement a younger worker into your company, be sure to highlight the more personal parts of your team and how open communication in the office can be. Chances are, they’ll be ten times more productive if they feel welcomed.

    1. Career Driven

    Contrary to popular belief, millennials are super keen on building a strong, stable career. Much like everyone else, they don’t like to see dead-ends in a position. They want opportunities to prove they can grow and learn.

    This means you’re free to criticise, be brutally honest and make suggestions. We promise they’ll take it well!

    Implement individual assessment sessions and feedback mechanisms to ensure your workers are driven to their full potential.

    1. They care about the environment, duh!

    An entirely new part of a company that’s quadrupled in importance lately is its social relevance. The public wants to know what a company’s place is in society – what are they doing to help? Millennials are prioritising a company’s values about the environment around it more and more. They want to be a part of the change. They will always ensure your company is doing its best in the eyes of society, so be sure to highlight sustainability targets when looking to hire in this age group.

    So… get hiring!

    The list of millennial benefits could go on and on… but we’re going to stop there – as millennials ourselves, we don’t want to waste any more time! All about those extra productive hours 😉

    Millennials are undoubtedly becoming a huge part of the workplace… there’s no way to escape us! Instead of fearing the change, invite it… you have no idea the benefits a different viewpoint could bring to the workplace.