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Who’s the new guy?

Who’s the new guy?

Hello! My name is Liam and I’m the newest member of the Blended team.

I’ve been writing our blogs for the last month and I hope you enjoy my work so far.

This is just a little something to bring you up to speed with who I am and what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Who am I?

I’m 22 years old and I study law and journalism at the Queensland University of Technology.

Law is interesting and sometimes good fun but it’s not what I’m most passionate about because I can’t wait to become a full-time journalist.

scared reporter GIF

What do I do?

I enjoy using my voice and camera presence as a presenter, which is why I’ve been so lucky to gain experience in radio and TV as well as the opportunity to MC through QUT.

You can see one of my shifts as newsreader below, along with the fabulous Jade Richards who is also part of the Blended family.

I also love writing, which is why this job at Blended was so attractive to me. It’s a privilege to utilise my skills so effectively for such a welcoming employer.

Biggest claim to fame

I was lucky enough to be invited onto Millionaire Hot Seat last year. A free trip to Melbourne was already pretty nice, but I thought it was better to go a step further and pocket $11,000. 😎

I promise I didn’t splurge all the cash in one go!

To anyone wanting to apply, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Just like when you apply for a job, you have to demonstrate why you’re the right person. Show you’re smart, passionate and interesting to stand out from the crowd.

The worst-case scenario, if you make it on, is to make a goose of yourself like Burger ring girl, but no one remembers her, right?

My interests

I’m a huge nerd for two things: sport and entertainment.

I wish I could play sports like the pros but alas, I have to resort to watching them instead.

I have memberships for the Heat and the Roar this summer and love cheering them on from the stands.

new york yankees cheer GIF by MLB

Unfortunately, things are off to a bad start for each of them but hey, I wouldn’t be much of a fan if I hopped off the wagon now, would I?

I’ve watched sporting events in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, New York and around New Zealand in recent years and I love the unique mixture of theatrical unpredictability and athleticism that sport provides.

basketball fall GIF

I also watch far too many movies and TV shows. I’m incredibly basic so I’m all over Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond, The Simpsons and Seinfeld.

If you’ve noticed an abundance of Simpsons GIFs in my blogs, I’m the one responsible. I call it an obsession but a doctor would probably call it an addiction.

I’m also halfway through a week-long Star Wars marathon before I see The Rise of Skywalker this weekend. Yes, I’m even watching the prequels.

the phantom menace yes GIF by Star Wars

I hope this has provided some insight into the person behind the screen here at Blended. I’m sure this is just the beginning of a fruitful career with the people who know careers better than anyone else.

The Phantom Menace GIF by Star Wars