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How you can donate to the bushfire appeal

How you can donate to the bushfire appeal

The hellish bushfires across Australia have well and truly captured the nation’s attention. It’s easy to feel helpless watching the dreadful scenes on TV but you can help. It can be difficult to know where to begin so this is a list of various services you may want to donate to.

Fire services

Comedian Celeste Barber started a Facebook fundraiser for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service last Friday with a goal of $30,000. The amount raised has since climbed above $47 million! You can find a link to it here.

You can also use a direct link to donate to the NSW RFS here.

Victoria’s Country Fire Authority is accepting donations for affected families and volunteer firefighters here.

South Australia’s Country Fire Service is also taking donations here.


Wildlife Victoria has received only $1.25 million in donations so far and desperately need more money to help injured animals. You can donate here.

RSPCA NSW has also set up a bushfire appeal here. WIRES, who care for sick and injured wildlife, also has a donation page here.


It can be tempting to donate boxes of food, clothing and furniture to people who’ve lost everything but the services on the ground in fire zones have requested people stop donating goods.

There is no time to sort through the donations and time is better spent dealing with current threats. The best thing to do right now is to donate money.

You can donate to the Red Cross’s relief effort here. This will directly contribute to assisting victims in fire-affected communities.


Sadly, some lowlives will try to use this tragedy to scam people out of money. The ACCC has issued a warning for people to avoid fake bushfire appeals. At least 86 scams have been reported to the ACCC since September last year.

Any unsolicited phone calls requesting donations are fake. Just hang up. Similarly, any unsolicited emails are also not worth responding to.

The best thing to do is to donate money using the official web links provided on this page. Direct donations to government agencies and not-for-profit organisations will have “.gov” or “.org” in the web address.