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    How healthy are your employees? It’s time to find out

    How healthy are your employees? It’s time to find out

    If you haven’t already, now is a great time to check in with your employees’ wellbeing.

    The world has changed immensely in the last few months and businesses are rapidly adapting to many changes, especially a large-scale transition to working from home.

    This presents new challenges for all businesses and leaves them especially vulnerable to issues with employee wellbeing. By managing employee health with Work Health Checks, your business can prepare for the tough year ahead and ensure every worker is properly accounted for.

    The problem

    Even before this year, employee health was being mismanaged. A lack of communication meant that workers were not encouraged to disclose personal issues with safety or health.

    With so many people setting up home offices, some may assume that an employer no longer has responsibility for an employee’s wellbeing. Of course, this is untrue.

    Requiring an employee to work remotely still imposes obligations on an employer. Working from home may sound straightforward but it can be unsafe and stressful if not dealt with correctly.

    As an employer, you may not have much control over how every remote office is set up but that won’t protect you if an employee suffers an accident.

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    Regardless of where or how someone is working, you have a responsibility to make sure they are safe and that you take steps to address this.

    The question is how to conduct these health and safety checks. You obviously can’t send around someone with a hard hat and a clipboard to every single worker’s home.

    Unfortunately, casual phone calls are hardly an effective solution. They provide no tangible record of employee health and are woefully insufficient.

    That’s where Work Health Checks comes in.

    The solution

    Work Health Checks is a brand-new service for businesses to regularly and efficiently monitor the health and safety of all their workers.

    Too many companies only have reactive policies, which may be adequate to manage workplace incidents that do occur but do nothing to prevent problems in the first place.

    It’s good to be able to manage incidents that do occur, but the benefits are far greater if you have a workplace that is safer, healthier and happier from the beginning.

    Work Health Checks integrates a proactive strategy into the workplace that focusses on stopping potential health and safety incidents from occurring.

    Simple self-assessments enable all employees to record any health and safety concerns which may affect their ability to work.

    These assessments allow employees to be clear and open about issues which may affect their mental health or physical safety. In turn, this allows you to institute policies and make necessary changes so that these may be addressed.

    Businesses should not be afraid of an open system of communication when it comes to employee wellbeing. Checking in regularly with your workforce to make sure they are safe, happy and healthy will provide long-term benefits to them and to you.

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    Taking steps to counter concerns about stress or safety is fundamental to creating a prosperous work environment. Things are difficult enough for everyone right now without having to deal with health and safety.

    With almost everyone staying home, workers need to know they are being looked after. Knuckling down and working hard is easier for everyone than processing a claim for compensation.

    Now more than ever, we need to be totally open about our concerns. Work Health Checks is making that possible.