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    Controlling a crisis

    Controlling a crisis

    At a time when it feels like the world is closing in on us, it’s easy to feel like we’re losing control.

    Whether you like to micromanage or go with the flow, the ability to control things in our life has diminished.

    How we approach this is a unique challenge for us. Rather than throwing all of your structure out the window, consider what you are able to control to maintain the energy and enthusiasm you’ll need for the coming weeks and months.

    Find an outlet

    As this blog has mentioned before, all the energy inside you needs somewhere to go. With an irregular work structure and no real holidays to speak of, we need to find alternative means to let off steam.

    Perhaps you’ve been putting off some home DIY like cleaning out the shed, repainting the garage or starting a herb garden.

    Or maybe you wanted to finally get stuck into something we usually never make time for, like starting (and finishing) a classic novel, learning basic French or baking your favourite Masterchef dessert.

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    Tackling these tasks is a great way to exercise total control over a small part of our lives.

    It ultimately doesn’t matter precisely what you do so long as it’s something you have full control over.

    We can’t change the rules to start footy again or take a holiday interstate and it’s really frustrating. But instead of becoming bored and exasperated, channel your energy into an outlet that will leave your mind properly stimulated.

    Something as mundane as reorganising a wardrobe can be a great way to keep our brains satisfied. Inside our homes, we can control the heck out of whatever we want!

    That kind of physical problem-solving is essential to keeping on top of ourselves because it lets us feel in control of something, anything! That kind of surety is essential to feeling upbeat, positive and organised in a crisis.

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    Stay focussed, stay productive

    The work you produce is something you should always be able to control.

    The rules may have changed, but the game stays the same. Work as hard as possible and do your best.

    Maintaining consistency and our unique approach to work is not something we can afford to stop right now.

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    With very few options to do otherwise, now is the time to apply yourself and knuckle down.

    Demonstrating you can keep a cool head and work through this period effectively will say a lot about your work ethic and skills. Rather than dropping your enthusiasm, make an effort to stay focussed on your area.

    Think of the future

    When this period is over, we’ll need to make sure we remember the skills we’ve developed. Resilience, diligence and persistence are all essential to getting through this.

    Hopefully, we’ll be able to appreciate the little things in life a little more.

    What we can learn from this is that we need to stop worrying about things we cannot control. If we have the ability to control a smaller part of our lives, diverting our focus to that small thing is a much healthier attitude to take.

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