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What cold calling can teach us about perseverance

What cold calling can teach us about perseverance

Cold calling is the bread and butter of sales but it perhaps doesn’t get the credit it deserves for building businesses.

Some people are still sceptical about cold calling. Can calling people and businesses all day, every day really pay off?

Contrary to what these sceptics believe, it’s an old-fashioned tool that, when used effectively, produces tangible results and actually teaches us a great deal about perseverance and building character.

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Crafting a formula

From crafting a better opening line to more subtle aspects like your tone and speed, each call provides real-time feedback on our ability to engage someone using nothing more than our voice.

Good looks and a firm handshake are useless on a phone call, so creating an effective phone persona is essential to making you a better salesperson.

When it comes to making sales using other means, on videocall or in person, the skills you develop on the phones will be essential to developing your professional identity.

If you can thrive using the most minimalistic form of making sales, every other job will seem like a bonus.

Sticking at it

Very few people make a sale with their first call. Or their second. Or their tenth. But constantly hitting dead ends doesn’t mean you have to quit.

On the contrary, each unsuccessful call teaches you something about how to improve with your next one.

No one became a great caller on their first day. It’s difficult to make an impact quickly, especially when calling from a new company, but no one ever learned anything about perseverance and resilience by doing things the easy way.

In a time when companies have been disrupted more than any other point in living memory, knowing how to deal with rough patches and stick at it when the chips are down is essential.

Those who are familiar with hours of cold calling know how to reach people without face-to-face contact. They are well-equipped to make the most of a minimalist work environment and use it to promote their company effectively.

The good news

None of this is implying that cold calling is a mostly unsuccessful tactic. It simply takes a long time to become highly-skilled at it. But when you crack the formula for making calls properly in your own unique style, you can reap the rewards.

There isn’t a more efficient tactic to reach potential clients in terms of time or cost. It also isn’t as impersonal as we might think.

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That you’ve taken the time to research a potential client and explain why you think they’re a good fit is something many businesses will appreciate. Learning about how each client is unique is an essential part of sales.

“What can you do for me?” is a question you’ll always need to answer and if you put in the time and effort, you’ll know precisely what strengths your company has. There is no more effective way to receive instant feedback on your approach than through cold calling. It’s been around a long time for good reason: it works.