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What to do when things go wrong!

What to do when things go wrong!

No one has ever worked in a job where things didn’t go wrong. IT failures and miscommunications happen to the best of us.

What separates the wheat from the chaff is how someone handles those moments when things don’t go to plan.

Excuses, excuses

It’s immensely frustrating when something you can’t control hurts your ability to work.

A computer crash is a classic example. You’re powering through your day when suddenly your machine conks out and your routine is thrown into chaos.

While you’re not to blame for the crash itself, you’re entirely responsible for how you manage it. That means doing as much work as possible without your beloved computer.

That doesn’t mean twiddling your thumbs while you wait for a notoriously slow IT department to sort things out.

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Use another workstation, your phone or good old fashioned pen and paper to make use of your time.

It doesn’t matter if, while your machine was offline, you didn’t work as much as usual. Your boss will only want to see you did as much as possible.

“It wasn’t my fault!” won’t cut it when you made no effort to fix the problem or do something productive instead.

Excuses, whether fair or not, aren’t nice to use or to hear. Be proactive whenever a challenge comes your way to stand out from the pack.

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Speedy communication in the office is always paramount.

No one wants to hear you crying about things that went wrong three hours ago. While you can’t always stop accidents from happening, you can always keep your co-workers informed.

Whether you have to complete another task or swap roles with someone to make things work, you can always keep your peers abreast of the problems you encounter.

Supervisors will certainly be unhappy if you’ve kept a secret out of embarrassment or worry.

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Embrace the challenge

Every problem we face is an opportunity to take things head-on. Facing any kind of adversity builds resilience and perseverance.

We only grow when we deal with challenges and make mistakes. Not wanting to confront these things and hoping someone else deals with it will only make us afraid to deal with issues and procrastinate instead.

No challenge is really as bad as we think. It’s ludicrous to think everything will go right from the moment we start a job, so we may as well be up for the bad as well as the good.

Instead of blaming others for things going wrong, use every moment things don’t go as planned to find alternative solutions to work productively. Surprisingly, it’s these times when you can be most productive.

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