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Why now is the right time to start hiring and applying for jobs

Why now is the right time to start hiring and applying for jobs

After all the doom and gloom of this year, there’s a generally pessimistic attitude about the jobs market and recruitment.

At the height of lockdown restrictions, it was certainly difficult to find work anywhere. We all felt like bears instead of bulls, cutting losses and reducing expenses instead of expanding and investing.

However, Australia has done a much better job of containing the coronavirus than many other developed countries, including the United States, United Kingdom and much of Europe.

With our recovery now well underway, this means that we are already starting to see businesses rehiring. Some restrictions remain in place but that’s no reason to be dour about job prospects.

There’s no such thing as a bad time to apply for jobs.

It’s understandable for applicants to feel unconfident about applying for jobs right now. Since restrictions came in three months ago, the news has been a non-stop deluge of negativity about the economy and every sector within it.

However, the only way to guarantee you won’t get a job is by not applying for one.

We all remember those times when we were barely out of high school and begging for work with no experience or solid credentials.

It may have taken weeks or months to try and find work without success but does it mean those experiences were a waste of time? Of course not.

It taught us a great deal about persevering when the prospects for getting hired seemed bleak. Now, many more Australians are in the same boat.

Recruitment experts say now is the right time to apply for jobs. Yes, the state of the jobs market is not ideal but the point is that it’s improving. As demand for work increases, so too will the number of applicants to satisfy that demand.

Businesses gradually returning to normal are now in a unique position. Despite operating at lower capacity, many require a sharp uptake of labour to keep up with the intricate rules caused by COVID.

In the space of three months, we’ve gone from a stable jobs market, to a severe downturn, to a relatively quick upturn as restrictions are eased. It’s difficult to keep up with all this but the encouraging aspect is that now is the time to start hiring and applying. If the bounce back is lightning fast, as we all hope it will be, the best time to crank the recruitment drive back into gear is today.