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Blended’s guide to being human

Blended’s guide to being human

Throughout a 40-year career in sales, you’ll hear thousands of tips and tricks, some of which will be more useful than others.

Some pieces of advice will be unique to dealing with a particular client, while others will last a lifetime.

The need to be human is firmly in the latter.

It may sound easy to be human – after all, we’re all human beings. But what does being human actually mean?

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Say it like you mean it

For starters, you can’t pretend to care. Being cold and artificial is a sure-fire way to lose interest and the sale.

Why is a client going to do business with you if you only view them in dollar terms?

No matter how long you stay in the industry, never lose your enthusiasm for caring about others.

Empathy can’t be taught, it’s totally innate, so if you don’t think you can make an effort to feel empathy for everyone you deal with, not just the client, you’re in the wrong business.

Honesty is the best policy

Some people have a different definition of ‘honest’ to others. For some, it means being totally genuine without keeping any secrets, while others believe it just means not telling a lie.

If you pull off a sale based on mistruths, it will quickly become an unsustainable habit. You can only deceive, obfuscate and mislead for so long before you get found out in this game.

As well as being unethical, lying is also much more difficult to pull off than being genuine and heartfelt. It’s incredible that some people will go to the trouble of concocting all kinds of nonsense to make a quick buck when if we put the same energy into being decent salespeople, we’d be just as, if not more effective.

If what you’re selling really is worth buying, you should be able to make the sale on its own merits. If you can’t do that without resorting to underhanded tactics, maybe sales isn’t for you.

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Be authentic

In The Australian‘s podcast Behind the Media, comedian Ed Kavalee revealed his radio secret: “Be the weirdo you are off air, on air.”

In sales, you probably don’t want to sound like a “weirdo” but the same principle applies.

When dealing with fellow human beings, you can’t resort to a cookie cutter approach and act just like everyone else.

As long as you sound professional and really know your stuff, your unique personality will be your strongest asset.

Use your everyday persona as the bedrock upon which to build your professional identity. The best way to sound authentic is to be authentic, and clients will always recognise that.

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