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    What we’ve learned from two years of Blended

    What we’ve learned from two years of Blended

    After two whirlwind years, Blended is still going better and stronger than ever.

    What started out as a single-employee business in a tiny office in Fortitude Valley has grown into one of Australia’s most exciting new businesses.

    Here are a few of our proudest achievements from our time in recruitment and some lessons we’ve learned along the way.

    Gaining a foothold

    In this world of mass media and globalisation, you have to think outside the box to promote your business.

    No matter what industry you’re in, you need to stand out from the crowd to highlight what you to do a bigger audience.

    Blended has featured in stories on 7NEWS, The Courier-Mail, ABC Radio and Sky News.

    None of these stories opened up rivers of gold but they all contribute to spreading the Blended brand.

    With our trademark safari outfits, we don’t go anywhere without people remembering who we are and what we do.

    Building followers organically via LinkedIn has also been a cost-effective and efficient way of building connections for our company, and we got great insight into this when we visited LinkedIn’s Aussie headquarters in Sydney.

    And with our own podcast starting, we’ll soon have a media presence of our own to talk about the great things we do.

    As our company grows and gains more recognition, getting our name out there from the start will have been a valuable early step.


    Working as a team

    Blended is run as one big team. We’ve seen many friends come and go and they’ve all contributed invaluably to the Blended brand.

    Jade took big steps to increase our output of original content, Manisha and Adam have worked the phones like crazy and that’s not to mention the launch of Blended Interiors & Designs.

    With Declan steering the ship at Blended Employment, Deanna is managing her own new business with Chanelle and Sarah by her side.

    In just two years, the Blended brand has gone from a tiny office in the Valley to a brand forging ahead in two sectors.

    Balancing their two businesses and a busy family of their own, having welcomed baby Saige into the world on January 31 last year, Declan and Deanna have led this dynamic team as a couple, giving our brand a distinct family touch that is lacking from so many companies these days.

    No matter how often you hear it, it’s still true: teamwork is fundamental to running an effective business.

    We’re so proud of the good vibes in the office and the trust everyone has in each other. We all work hard but that doesn’t mean we can’t be kind to one another.

    When everyone subscribes to the honest mantra of being a Blended employee, the office becomes a far more enjoyable and efficient place.

    Dealing with challenges

    By March 2020, Blended was sailing along beautifully and then WHAM! Coronavirus shut down Australia.

    It brought economic doom and gloom like we’d never seen before. A rapid financial downturn, huge spikes in unemployment and a new wave of economic pessimism made this crisis the biggest challenge Blended has faced to date.

    Instead of battening down the hatches and trying to ride out this period with as little risk as possible, we faced it head-on. We kept making phone calls and using video conferencing to make things work for us.

    We also made the huge decision to merge with Work Health Checks. This move has brought us new opportunities to provide solutions for employers, especially in a climate where health is so important.

    This outgoing attitude sums up the Blended brand. We don’t shirk a challenge, we embrace it. When one door closes, another opens.

    That’s quite literally what we’ve done only recently, as we moved out of our original Fortitude Valley headquarters to our state-of-the-art offices in Teneriffe.

    By sticking to our goals constantly, we’re proud to finally have a space to call our own.

    Running a business is never easy but we’ve always tried to think differently to solve our problems.

    In 2019, we became a finalist in the Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards, which was a generous recognition of our rising status in Australian business.

    We don’t have any bells or whistles, just old-fashioned service mixed with new-age thinking. But that’s what sets us apart from the rest.


    Helping out great Australians

    We’ve also tried to give back to the community which has done so much for us.

    Our Daisy the Dollar promotion was a simple way of trying to help out struggling Aussie farmers in 2018. Just encouraging everyday Aussies to donate one dollar to struggling farmers still made a huge difference. Early in our history, it was a great way to build our brand while doing some good.

    Throughout our two years in the recruitment industry, we’ve helped out clients from all over Australia. This has given us a great opportunity to meet some of the great people who make modern Australia what it is.

    Travelling to meet Bundaberg, Moreton Bay and Lockyer Valley councils gave us great insight into job markets in regional Queensland outside of the Brisbane bubble.

    It’s also taken us in some unexpected directions. Who’d have thought we’d ever be hosting live music in our office? But we did thanks to the launch of Blended TV in January 2020.

    We’ve accomplished so much to be proud of in the last two years, on a personal and professional level.

    It would be foolish to try and predict what the next two years hold but here’s to another two years and beyond as one of Australia’s most exciting new companies!