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    Another lockdown? Be prepared

    Another lockdown? Be prepared

    After months of resilience and patience, Melburnians have had to go back into lockdown thanks to a new spike in coronavirus cases.

    There’s now a great deal of concern for Victoria and indeed, the rest of Australia.

    Sydney is also bracing for a new spike after a cluster was identified at a Casula pub earlier this month.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to stop any of this unless we follow the health advice and wait until we’re given the all-clear.

    The lesson for everyone not in lockdown yet is this: be prepared for it.

    Brace yourselves if the worst should happen

    The whole of Australia was under lockdown earlier this year, so we can rely on our experiences from that terrible period to guide us through a new spike.

    This isn’t assuming a second lockdown will become reality for areas outside Melbourne, but it would be foolish to get carried away with the latest coronavirus figures. They are extremely low and we should be especially thankful for that when we consider the scale of the crisis in the United States and Brazil.

    However, the difference between zero and one case is huge. All it takes is for a handful of positive cases to spread the virus and we could be back in lockdown by the end of the month.

    Nothing is as bad the second time around, and we have the advantage of prior experience to know how to approach such a situation if it should occur.

    What did we learn last time?

    We’ve learned a great deal about ourselves and our businesses over the last four months in the coronavirus era (yes, it’s only been four months).

    Employees were able to adapt remarkably quickly to working from home. Businesses found new and exciting ways to change their models and sell their products and services virtually instead.

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    It was immensely challenging and many of us will be glad it’s over, but that doesn’t mean the skills we learned over those few weeks should be tossed into the bin.

    Resilience, a willingness to change and adapt quickly, an strenghtened resolve to get through a crisis – these aren’t skills for a very specific period of time, they’re crucial now and forever.

    There’s a difference between pessimism and realism and the realistic view of the current situation, for NSW and Queensland at least, is this: another lockdown is currently unlikely but very much a possibility.

    Don’t panic

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    We can’t get through one lockdown saying “We’re all in this together” only for another to send us into chaos.

    All we can do right now is make our fellow employees feel trusted and appreciated. If we thought the first phase of restrictions was tough, imagine having them brought in again when we were so close to copying New Zealand by reopening entirely.

    To be frank, 2020 has been a shocking year. More than 100 people dead from coronavirus, a flat economy and bans on interstate and overseas travel are just some of the terrible reasons why.

    It’s like something out of a movie, but truth is often stranger than fiction. In future years we’ll look back on this time as a crazy point in history.

    It’s up to us to decide how we get through it. Did we complain and panic when a second lockdown was brought in? Or did we steel ourselves for the worst and get through it together?

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