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Why it’s important to be busy

Why it’s important to be busy

2020 has been a packed year for most of us. Balancing all of our commitments to work, friends and family is challenging enough without all the complications of coronavirus restrictions making life harder.

It’s totally understandable if you’re feeling tired, stressed, busy and overwhelmed. This year’s news cycle alone is enough to drive anyone crazy.

But we don’t have to be swept up by negativity. When you’re feeling burdened by the news and all the uncertainty that comes with the first recession in a generation, having a packed schedule is actually something you can be thankful for.

Keeping busy isn’t a sign that you’re disorganised; quite the opposite, in fact.

Getting the most out of every day is essential at the best of times, but especially when the world feels like it’s been turned upside down.

Routine and structure do more than give us a reason to get out of bed in the morning; they keep our mind sharp for everything that comes our way.

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That’s not to say it never feels like too much. It’s normal to feel exhausted from time to time, especially after long periods spent at work without a break.

But we should still learn to embrace a full calendar. Good time management skills are essential for the modern day professional and it’s impossible to develop them without having commitments to manage in the first place.

This keeps us constantly on our toes. When you get through a particularly packed week, it feels like a considerable achievement.

That’s because it’s genuinely challenging to manage day-to-day life from time to time. The reality of adulthood is that we often take on more than we think we can manage. Yet we still manage it.

By comparison, an empty calendar is a great way to lose one’s zest for life. Everything becomes too much trouble and making a commitment to anything feels like more effort than it’s worth.

That’s an unappetising rabbit hole to fall into, and it’s imperative that even during this year, when so much of daily life feels more tiresome, we stay motivated, energised and enthused for tomorrow.

If we want to be the best possible version of ourselves, both inside and outside our workplace, it’s fundamental to stay busy and learn how to manage it.

It’s encouraging that despite the pandemic, many of us are still doing our best to keep our diaries full. This will ensure we stay focused now and into the future.