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Take a moment to reflect before taking that bigger salary

Take a moment to reflect before taking that bigger salary

Everyone has a different idea of success.

For some people, it’s driving fast cars, taking holidays on the French Riviera and sipping from $1,000 bottles of champagne.

For others, it’s simply living in a nice home with a loving family.

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Success, then, is not the same thing for all people. We all have our own views on what we think will make us happy, whether it be in the form of wealth and assets or more intangible things like love and friendship.

Without getting too deep and meaningful, these differences in what we each believe constitutes success means we all have different goals and, by proxy, different paths we choose to achieve those goals.

If you’re fortunate enough to be offered a promotion and a larger salary, you may see it as another step in the road to success and pure contentment.

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However, it doesn’t hurt to pause and reflect at what you may be losing as well as gaining.

Unfortunately, people don’t tend to get larger salaries with a smaller or equal workload. Such is life.

Of course, everyone knows that a promotion comes with more work, but we are at risk of forgetting this when the dollar signs start flashing.

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It’s only natural to be tempted by a pay increase. Times are tough, unemployment is high and we should be extremely thankful to have a job at all, especially a high-paying one.

But while the pandemic has made us more appreciative to have a stable job and a fixed income, it’s also put into perspective how much we care about those close to us.

Losing an overseas holiday to the pandemic is terrible, but losing a loved one to COVID-19? That’s infinitely more heartbreaking.

Looking to the future, the decisions we make may well be more focused on preserving what we have than expanding it.

A promotion and a larger salary means more hours in the office, fewer free weekends and less time with the ones we care most about. If your expectations for a bigger salary are that life will become much better in every way, you may want to temper them a bit.

None of this is to say that you shouldn’t take a promotion if it’s offered to you. The most important thing is that you make the decision for the right reasons, with a full understanding of what it entails.

There’s not enough importance placed on appreciating what’s already in front of us. If more of us took the time to consider whether we’re putting it at stake for a few extra zeroes on our salaries, accepting a new position may not be such a fait accompli.