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    Building and maintaining trust with your teammates

    Building and maintaining trust with your teammates

    One of the most important elements in an effective workplace is trust.

    Whether you have small team of half a dozen employees or a multinational company that hires thousands, it’s fundamental for everyone in the organisation to trust each other for things to run smoothly.

    That’s easier said than done, however. Trust isn’t something that can be built overnight, nor can it be bought for a price.

    The only way to gain the trust of others is to earn it.

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    How to gain trust

    There’s no easy way to make people trust you. If you’re looking for shortcuts, you’re already going down the wrong path.

    Earning trust is about doing the hard yards and proving yourself when others are in need.

    Taking on extra work to help someone out, always being on time and connecting meaningfully with your co-workers will endear you to them over time.

    Even small things like emptying a dishwasher can make a big difference. Doing work without fuss, time and time again, demonstrates you’re dependable, and therefore trustworthy.

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    None of this can be done quickly – you have to really care about forming meaningful professional relationships to reap the benefits of gaining trust.

    Beyond personal gain, you should want to foster a healthier workplace culture.

    If you can get others to trust you, you’re more likely to put your faith in others, which is its own reward.

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    Putting your trust in others

    This is much more difficult for some people than others.

    You may have been burnt in your personal or professional life in the past and find it hard to trust other people when there’s a possibility things may go wrong.

    But life is too short to waste time looking for the worst in people. You’ll be less stressed if you go with your gut and put your faith in those who have always been dependeable.

    This occurred at Blended recently when Manisha was taken aback by Declan’s faith in her.

    It can be quite a shock when we’re finally handed the reins to go ahead and make decisions ourselves.

    That only comes through a determined dedication to making ourselves as trustworthy as possible.

    When the time comes to place our trust in others, consider why people trust you.

    Is this person doing their best? Are they dependable? And ultimately, do you trust them?

    You can’t answer these questions with hard data – it comes down to your own intuition.

    Ultimately, your trust is likely to be well-founded. And if someone makes a mistake, that’s no reason to stop trusting them.

    It’s another step in the learning curve that we’re all on every day.

    If we all learn to trust each other a bit more, things will work out just fine.

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