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Why Blended is using Allsorter for CVs

Why Blended is using Allsorter for CVs

As a recruitment agency, Blended Employment deals with a lot of CVs.

A large part of our work involves viewing, editing, formatting and sending CVs to and from clients and candidates.

Given the sheer volume of documents we have to assess, all of these tasks regularly take up a great deal of our time.

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It used to be tiresome, repetitive work because customising CVs in consultation with candidates was a very slow process. Anyone familiar with formatting tools will know how frustrating it is to endlessly tinker with documents, day in, day out.

That’s why we turned to Allsorter. This service made it much quicker and easier for us to manage our catalog of CVs.

It works like this: instead of manually processing a CV by copying text from the scan into a desired format, Allsorter digitises the process by extracting the information from an uploaded CV, letting you edit it in an intuitive interface and then exporting it into your preferred format.

Allsorter also works with its clients to ensure they can create a unique, attractive CV template. With all the building blocks in place, all you have to do is keep uploading those CVs and spend your free time completing other tasks instead.

We’ve found Allsorter to be a hugh timesaver, making our work environment more productive and cost-effective. By reducing the time spent on customising CVs ourselves, we’ve been able to make further inroads in recruitment.

Take it from our MD, Declan Kluver: “What I love most about Allsorter is the time it saved us formatting CVs.

“Our client success rate has actually risen, and we’ve been able to get more interviews from the CVs we send out that are custom-branded as Blended Employment, thanks to Allsorter.

“The cumulative time saving and increased productivity across our recruitment team from using Allsorter is helping us spend more time winning placements ahead of our competitors.

“They’re a company we like and trust and enjoy working with.”

Allsorter aren’t just a valuable service for recruiters, either. For larger businesses and companies that regularly take in new clients, it’s a valuable service to compile the shortlists of talent you may call upon.

By switching to Allsorter to manage our huge numbers of candidates rather than constantly fiddling with Word docs, we’ve been able to work on more important things to deliver great results for our clients and candidates.

We’re delighted with the results we’ve achieved with Allsorter and we hope other businesses embrace the opportunities it can bring.