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    It’s time to adapt as the job market picks up

    It’s time to adapt as the job market picks up

    A year on from the peak of COVID craziness, the job market is slowly but surely picking up.

    The number of jobs advertised is now at its highest since the start of the pandemic, which is a sure sign that employers are more prepared to invest in their businesses instead of pulling back.

    Despite this, the increase in available jobs sadly doesn’t mean we’re any closer to rectifying the waves of lay-offs we saw last year.

    While industries like hospitality and retail are clearly bouncing back, tourism and aviation continue to struggle.

    As a result, professionals from these industries are often having to re-train in other industries, as Steve Titmus from 7NEWS explains:

    The unfortunate reality is that skilled veterans of their industry are having to start new professions to make a living, as there simply isn’t enough capital flowing to justify their positions.

    Last century, workers could stay in their profession with much more certainty, safe in the knowledge that their skillset would remain desirable for their particular position.

    Today however, things are very different. Even before COVID, the fast-paced nature of changing work meant that fewer people were starting and ending careers in the exact same industry.

    While this abrupt change to people’s work lives may sound like a huge negative, it’s just a reinforcement of the need to stay adaptable throughout our careers.

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    Take the former pilot in the 7NEWS story. Now driving trains, it’s unlikely he anticipated such a career change until very recently.

    Planes and trains are obviously very different machines, but pilots and drivers share many common duties. They have to perform their job with the utmost safety, they must always be aware of the clock and they must know their controls inside-out.

    The roles are not perfect substitutes for one another, but there is sufficient crossover to allow an airline pilot to move to rails, if they show their ability to adapt.

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    That’s the message to take away from the current state of the job market. Uncertainty is always unpleasant, and we’d all prefer to go about our current job without worrying about the next one.

    But it’s not too late to consider what skills you’ve learned in your career so far and how they can potentially transfer to other roles.

    Despite the recent increase in job ads, the market is still overcrowded and highly competitive. That means candidates will need to promote every skill they have for whatever position is suitable, no matter the industry.