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    Is your business onboarding? It might be time to hit the reset button on office culture

    Is your business onboarding? It might be time to hit the reset button on office culture

    With businesses beginning to hire new employees once again, after months of seemingly endless disruption and uncertainty, it’s a great time to reassess a few key aspects of running a business.

    When a new employee joins an organisation, they should expect a few non-negotiable standards.

    At a minimum, a workplace should provide a professionally demanding environment, a healthy office culture and the resources necessary for a worker to do their job effectively.

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    If your business is hiring new staff, now is a great time to consider which aspects are adequate and which ones may need changing.

    Sometimes it takes an outsider to give us insiders the best perspective. When you’re settled on who will join your team, it’s well worth asking them what they expect from you too.

    If you’re going to ask them for ideas and input on projects and tasks at work, it’s only fair that you ask for suggestions to create a more comfortable workplace too.

    Not only is this a valuable way of showing your faith in your new hire, it gives you a chance to hit reset on your office culture.

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    Some things barely change from school to the office. A teacher may start the year off by listing their expectations for a cohort, only for everything to fall away quickly, before the cycle starts again in the new year.

    There’s no doubt that the longer we spend at work, the more tempting it is to fall into bad habits. Whether it’s leaving a bit earlier each Friday or constantly checking our phones during the workday, we slip into a less productive routine.

    When taking on someone new, it’s important to set the ground rules not just for them, but for all employees. Bringing everyone up to speed with their professional standards will ensure your workplace is as productive as you say it is.

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    Of course, reminders of a business’s expectations won’t sink in unless they’re regularly reinforced. If keeping track of productivity wasn’t really done before, there’s no reason it has to stay that way.

    If you can set high standards for work ethic and teamwork, you’ll end up with less upkeep overall because everyone will start to take care of themselves more easily.

    A strong culture is instituted by employees who want to see it take hold. Newly-hired employees are likely to learn directly from their co-workers when they join a business, which is why it’s so important to lay the ground rules before onboarding begins.

    If everyone aspires to high standards, that same drive will flow to everyone who becomes part of the organisation.