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    It’s time to get creative when connecting with clients

    It’s time to get creative when connecting with clients

    Connecting with clients is paramount to success in business. We don’t source clients to make a quick one-off sale; we want to build long-term, mutually beneficial, professional relationships.

    Not only is this a more effective way of sealing deals down the track, it also ensures you can work closely with clients to network within the industry and broaden your business’s potential reach.

    Despite this, we often resort to the most tired, unimaginative forms of communication.

    We’ve been using emails for the last two decades and the telephone for more than a century, yet these are still the most common ways of talking to clients, who are your highest priority.

    Yes, emails and phone calls are fast and easy, but you’re not exactly standing out if they’re the only means through which you talk to clients.

    We’re not saying you give up on them and resort to messenger boys or carrier pigeons, but if you want to make an impact when you connect with clients, there are far more imaginative ways of leaving your mark.

    Blended likes to mix things up, which is why we’ve just sent out copies of David Goggins’ inspirational book, Can’t Hurt Me, to our top clients.

    With each one accompanied by handwritten letters thanking them for recruiting with us, these books are more than a gesture. They’re a physical demonstration that we don’t see clients in terms of dollars and cents, but as real people who deserve to be recognised for helping our business thrive.

    We believe that if someone does something for us, they deserve credit. We also ensure that every time one of our candidates is recruited, we follow up to ensure how the experience went for both candidate and client.

    By treating each party as a valued partner rather than just a part of a transaction, we’re able to have a more informal relationship that provides long-term connections and more honest feedback.

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    The handwritten letters aren’t a one-off, either. We regularly send those out to clients, as well as leaders in business, politics and the wider community.

    Many of these people responded and became guests on our podcast, The Office Guys. Snail mail may seem redundant these days, but a physical, handwritten letter is so much more meaningful than a bland, forgetful email.

    Emails, phone calls and texting are all valuable communication tools, but when you want to make an impression on a client, they’re sorely lacking.

    When it’s time for you to connect with clients, consider doing something a little different to ensure your business makes its mark.