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    Healthy ways to deal with stress

    Healthy ways to deal with stress

    Whether you’re a rookie just out of high school or an experienced 30-year veteran of the industry, it’s likely you’re used to periods of high stress in your work.

    That’s normal. Stress is a natural reaction when we have a lot going on in our lives that can make us unsure, cautious or apprehensive.

    It’s practically impossible to avoid becoming stressed. What we can do is make stress easier to manage when it does crop up.

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    Here are a few healthy, handy methods to deal with those times when everything seems a bit overwhelming.

    1. Turn off your screens

    Keeping your phone, tablet, PC and laptop turned on makes it impossible to disconnect from your work.

    As long as the screens are blinking away, begging you to keep interacting with them, it’s very difficult to detach from emails, Slack chats and texts.

    It can be hard to switch off our greatest distractions, but your mind will be much clearer after looking away from all that blue light.

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    2. Explore the great outdoors

    If you’re not anchored to your desk, why not take some time to get some fresh air.

    You don’t have to take a long trip to a National Park, either.

    Sparing a few minutes in your lunch break to walk around the block and take in some sunshine will do wonders to ease the tension.

    Sometimes, we just need to get outside of a mentally claustrophobic environment to feel more relaxed. It only takes a few minutes to get refreshed.

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    3. Get talking

    Everyone gets stressed from time to time, but admitting it is far less common.

    There should be no shame in saying we’re feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t mean we’re weak or not up to the challenge, but it’s important to let others know you’re not a robot without human feelings.

    Your family and friends are a valuable support network, and you should feel confident enough to tell them how you’re feeling.

    Ideally, your workplace will also have a healthy culture that allows employees to feel comfortable to say when they’re feeling overloaded.

    Talking about it will help others to help you just by listening and being supportive.

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    4. Find a hobby

    When you work long hours, finding time for hobbies at home can feel less enticing. It’s much easier to find something on Netflix, and who could blame you?

    But there are more effective ways to alleviate stress that don’t rely on watching TV. Reading books, solving jigsaw puzzles and occasionally doodling drawings are all great ways of winding down while stimulating the mind.

    Actively engaging your brain to do something productive instead of passively absorbing TV is a better way of switching off your ‘work brain’.

    You can’t avoid stress altogether, but you can manage it healthily and productively.