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    Why there’s nothing wrong with staying put

    Why there’s nothing wrong with staying put

    Picture this: you’ve been in your job for several years. You’re enjoying it. You’re good at it. The business is humming along and you’re in no danger of facing redundancy.

    Out of the blue, you’re sent a surprise job offer to work for a rival company.

    The position will mean a small boost in pay, but will also be a different role to your current one.

    You’re not as confident you’d enjoy the work, despite the increase in pay.

    If you were in this position, what would you do? Stay in your current role on lower pay, doing what you enjoy? Or move to another role you’re less likely to enjoy?

    There’s no doubt that many of us would do the latter. It’s perfectly understandable too. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and once in a while, we like to go on holiday.

    A boost to the fortnightly pay check is certainly welcome, but the fact is that there’s no right answer.

    The price you pay for that, er, extra pay is the job itself. Are you prepared to work in a less enjoyable position, potentially with longer hours and less time with family and friends?

    Many of us would be prepared to do that, and that’s fine. But staying put doesn’t really fit with the perfect image of career progression we’re constantly fed throughout our working lives.

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    We’re supposed to constantly climb the ladder, earning more money and working longer hours until we retire.

    If you want to work longer hours to earn more money, that’s entirely your choice. But it’s time to normalise the idea of choosing to stay put.

    Being totally content and satisfied with your life is an envious position to be in. Going into a job you enjoy each day is a real luxury, one that many others would kill for.

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    To give up all that for a few extra dollars may not make as much sense to you, despite being constantly told we should strive for bigger and better things.

    Besides, what good is all that money if you’re spending more time trapped inside your office?

    Looking outside the realms of finances, many of us would view a steady job coupled with a secure lifestyle and a loving family as hitting the jackpot.

    There’s ultimately nothing wrong with staying put. If an opportunity comes for you to move on, think about what you truly want, not necessarily what others want from you.