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    How we bring the right people together


    The recruitment services specialists at Blended Employment know that the success of a business stands on the performance of its employees. As your recruitment partner, we know your greatest resource and biggest asset, is choosing your team carefully, as it’s often the difference between a flourishing company and one that is barely managing to stay afloat.


    From engagement and sourcing candidates to coordinating interviews and running reference checks, our team offer a streamlined and all-inclusive sales and marketing recruitment services in Australia that is tailored to meet your requirements and far exceed your expectations. With a wealth of industry expertise and a generous pool of connections to our name, we specialise in bringing people together to form mutually beneficial and fruitful business relationships – across all industries and job positions.


    Our executive recruitment team understand the unique requirements of each industry and what it takes to source the right candidate for the role. As part of our client-centric sales and marketing recruitment services in Australia, we support both the candidate and the client by providing accurate and transparent guidance throughout the entire process, and long after. We’re dedicated to finding authentic solutions to your business employment requirements.

    Why we’re better at bringing people together

    We don’t discriminate by role level or industry – We offer recruitment services across all industries and for all sales and marketing roles.


    We provide authentic solutions – We don’t see our clients as a number, we’re dedicated to finding candidates that will assist your business in succeeding.


    We follow a proven process – We don’t take a gamble when it comes to sourcing talent. We follow a result-driven approach for filtering and securing only top-tier candidates.


    Small in size, large in reach – We pride ourselves on being established enough to provide a wealth of industry connections, yet small enough to offer a one-on-one personalised service.


    We have international reach – Our services are offered across Australia and New Zealand. Perimeters are no boundary when it comes to sourcing the right candidate for you.

    How we build relationships

    Finding the right candidate shouldn’t be a process of trial and error. With Blended Employment’s industry expertise and thorough screening process, we will ensure you aren’t taking a gamble on your company’s biggest assets – your employees.

    Create Job Position

    Clearly defining a role and its expectations is crucial to attracting the right candidates. As part of our recruitment service in Australia, we will work alongside your team to assist in creating an accurate and compelling job description. This initial step is aimed at clearly outlining the job requirements, expectations and level of experience. It is the base to which all other steps rely on.

    Source Outstanding Candidates

    They say it’s not what you know, but who you know, but we believe it’s an equal balance of both. By utilising our generous pool of industry networks coupled with our expertise in advertising, we follow a rigorous process for sourcing out only top-tier candidates that align with your job description and company culture.

    Conduct Candidate Research & Checks

    As a comprehensive recruitment agency, we focus on sourcing talent who are guaranteed to meet your business needs and exceed your expectations. In order to do so, we follow a detailed screening process to ensure we present you with only the best selection of candidates.

    Recommend Candidates

    Once we’ve completed the initial screening process, we will compile a list of candidates who best match the job description and the company culture, alongside a list of recommendations and additional notes to assist you in your decision making.

    Facilitate Client-Candidate Interviews

    Based on our research and candidate notes, we will assist you in creating a short-list of candidates. Once decided on, our team will take care of facilitating and organising interviews on your behalf, with the selected candidates.

    Secure Your Candidate

    From salary negotiations to complete reference checks, our expert recruitment team will happily take care of the time-consuming tasks required to make the right decision. Whatever is required to assist you in the candidate selection process, we will happily assist with.

    What are you waiting for? Kickstart the process of securing top-tier employees today. For more information on our sales and marketing recruitment service in Australia, please get in touch with Blended Employment today on 07 3667 8895 or